Songs of Freedom

Songs of Freedom is one of the major projects carried out under Free Culture formula. The inspiration for the creation of the project became the songs of freedom, dealing with the longing for freedom, as well as those calling for liberation. This special project was created on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Polish political transformations and was presented to the audience for the first time as part of the Biografie Gdanskie (Biographies of Gdansk) Festival in 2014. The project is coordinated by the eminent trumpeter, pianist, music producer and composer Tomasz Zietek, who invited a group of such outstanding musicians as Petras Vysniauskas, Klaus Kugel, Kamil Pater, Adam Zuchowski and Dominik Bukowski.

Songs of Freedom has become a flagship musical project which emphasizes the multicultural history of Gdansk and the role of Ukrainians, Lithuanians, Poles, Tatars, Belarusians, Germans and Jews. It combines improvised songs that reinforce and give hope to all nations in difficult times of enslavement or war. In Sounds of Freedom we can hear motives from: Belarusian Sonce, Ukrainian Na Majdanie Byla, Rozowa i A Wze Rokiw Dwisti, Lithuanian EL toli, toli, labai toli i Lietuva Brangi, Tatar Revolt of the Tartars and Bagcalarda Kestane, Jewish Shnirele Perele Polish Wolny Narod, Mury, Kattorna and the German Lili Marlene. It has been developing and we hope it will never reach its limits.